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The Center for Protection of Victims and Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings (PVPT) is a local non-governmental, non-profit organization that addresses the causes and consequences of violence through a multi-sectoral approach (socio-economic services, awareness raising, advocacy and contribution in making social policies) and facilitates empowerment of the targeted population, by providing: social assistance to the victims of trafficking (VoTs), prevention and education, advocacy and information, awareness raising and empowerment.

Direct Support



Prevention and Education



Rehabilitation & Reintegration


The PVPT Center in the field of Direct support for victims of trafficking (VoTs) since January 2000 till today continually is providing Shelter services for victims of trafficking.


Since September 2002 in the field of Prevention and Education, PVPT has continually conducted trainings on “Awareness Rising on Trafficking with Human Beings in different regions of Kosovo.


Since the 2005 in the field of rehabilitation and reintegration running programs that aim the recovery of victims from  trafficking experience.








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“The mindfulness is not an attempt to reach a special condition, or relax; it is a purposive attention from moment to moment, in everything that happens around us…”

PVPT recognizes that capacity building and education of staff is an ongoing process in order to learn and grow as professionals. Working in direct assistance with victims for 24 hours can results with accumulation of stress, state that impact the professional interest and motivation, decrease work productivity and usually result with staff burnout.... read more








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