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Executive Board of the PVPT Center

The Executive Board of PVPT Center is constituted from seven (7) members, who are responsible for managing and controlling the organisation’s assets and issues.

The board acts always in accordance with the aim of the Center. It is a counselling board, but also is competent to present the organisation, to act on behalf of the organisation, to facilitate potential cooperation between the organisation and others, to name and select the representatives as well as to appoint competence and duties of each representative.

Founders of the PVPT Center

1.       Belkëz Dedolli Ferri, Director of the PVPT Center 2000-2005

2.       Gretchen Ansorge, Manager of the Woman’s Program, UMCOR/Kosovo

3.       Anser Anser Naveed, Financial Director, UMCOR/Kosovo

The Organisation’s framework

PVPT’s organizational structure, respectively its managerial and professional capacity is composed by capable workers and with many years of experience in the field of counter trafficking.

At the moment, PVPT Center has 11 employees and experts from different fields of work: jurist/lawyer, doctor, psychologist, social worker, educator/teacher and pedagogue.
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The PVPT Center had the honour of being visited by the Norwegian Ambassador of Kosovo, Mr. PerStrand Sjaardstard on October 20th, 2016. During his visit, important issues regarding Kosovo’s current situation with regards to human trafficking and also the challenges that the PVPT Center is facing to offer long-lasting and stable services to victims of trafficking, were disscused. At the end of his visit, Ambassador Sjaardstard expressed that PVPT will continue to have the strong support of the Norwegian Embassy in their aim to fight human trafficking.










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