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I. Direct Assistance

The PVPT Center in the field of Direct support/Crisis Shelter for victims of trafficking since January 2000 till December 2007 continually have been providing safe, warm and comfortable shelter, as well as healthy and productive living environment for 552 international and local victims of trafficking who are referred and accepted into the Crises Shelter before their repatriation in home countries.

Within the Crises Shelter, PVPT Center has provided following services for the accommodated beneficiaries:

  • Medical assistance,
  • Legal Counseling,
  • Psychosocial support,
  • The awareness raising and empowerment sessions.


In July 2008, with financial support of Embassy of Finland (80%) and Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare /MLSW (20%), the PVPT Center has established the Rehabilitation Centre, the first daily open Center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Victims and Potential Victims of Trafficking in Kosova. Nowadays, the Rehabilitation Center is financially supported by Embassy of Norway and MLSW. The purpose of Rehabilitation Center is to provide long-term rehabilitation and reintegration of VoTs (local and foreign, minor and adults) by offering:

  • Temporary safe accommodation,
  • Medical assistance,
  • Psychological and legal counseling,
  • Family counseling and mediation,
  • Education activities and Vocational Life Skills Trainings,
  • Awareness raising, human rights and empowering sessions.

Since September 2008 till now, in the PVPT Rehabilitation Center were assisted 284 victims and potential victims of trafficking.

Last News

The PVPT Center had the honour of being visited by the Norwegian Ambassador of Kosovo, Mr. PerStrand Sjaardstard on October 20th, 2016. During his visit, important issues regarding Kosovo’s current situation with regards to human trafficking and also the challenges that the PVPT Center is facing to offer long-lasting and stable services to victims of trafficking, were disscused. At the end of his visit, Ambassador Sjaardstard expressed that PVPT will continue to have the strong support of the Norwegian Embassy in their aim to fight human trafficking

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