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Contribution and cooperation of PVPT with other actors working against human trafficking

The PVPT Center is a member of inter-ministerial group that was established at the end of the 2003, organized by the Prime Minister’s Office. This group developed the first (2005-2007), the second (2008-2011), the third (2011-2014) and the fourth (2015-2019) Kosovo Action Plan (KAP) for combating trafficking in human beings in Kosovo. During this process, PVPT had a very active role in drafting the strategy in the protection and prevention groups.


On the operational level, PVPT is a member of a Direct Assistance Partners Group (including International Organization for Migration, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Ministry of Justice) which are local and international, governmental and non-governmental organisations that work directly with Victims of Trafficking (VoT) and Potential Victims of Trafficking (PVoT). These organizations have established a highly organized and efficient referral system that is detailed in the partners’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that entered into force in 2008. These procedures are institutionalized and required to be mandatory implemented by each institution involved in anti-trafficking field in Kosovo. The same group has developed a Minimum Standards of Care for the Victims of Trafficking in Kosovo that entered into force in January 2010, with the purpose of ensuring that all services for VoTs in Kosovo are unified so that all beneficiaries receive quality and effective services from the identification phase to a beneficiary’s full reintegration. PVPT will continue to be a critical member of the coordinating group, as a provider of the Rehabilitation Center for VoTs and PVoTs in Kosovo.


The PVPT Center has also contributed on development of Transnational Referral Mechanisms (TRM) for trafficked persons in South-Eastern Europe and drafting the strategy and action plan for the prevention and elimination of Worst Forms of Children Labour.


Concerning national cooperation, PVPT is a member of a) Kosovan Women Network since 2004, b) member of Shelters’ Coalition, established in 2010 by eight shelter providers and member of Coalition for Child Protection established in 2010 by twenty-five organisation that work in protection of children rights. PVPT consider that cooperation with other organisation in direct assistance and prevention of human trafficking impacts the interest of the beneficiaries.


PVPT Center is also member of women network.


To provide services in two pillars of activity, PVPT has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the various National Institutions including the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Department of Psychology under the University of Prishtina







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The PVPT Center had the honour of being visited by the Norwegian Ambassador of Kosovo, Mr. PerStrand Sjaardstard on October 20th, 2016. During his visit, important issues regarding Kosovo’s current situation with regards to human trafficking and also the challenges that the PVPT Center is facing to offer long-lasting and stable services to victims of trafficking, were disscused. At the end of his visit, Ambassador Sjaardstard expressed that PVPT will continue to have the strong support of the Norwegian Embassy in their aim to fight human trafficking








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