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II. Prevention

In the field of prevention, since September 2002, PVPT has conducted Awareness Rising Training on trafficking with human beings in different regions of Kosovo, for different ethnicities: Albanians, Bosnians, RAE community. PVPT’s prevention activity goal is to increase awareness about trafficking, empower those at risk of becoming trafficked and promote cooperation between target groups and law enforcement agencies.

 Till now, PVPT has provided Awareness Rising Training for different target groups such are: 

  • Students of primary schools,

  • Students of three faculties of the University of Prishtina,  

  • Teachers,

  • Journalists,

  • Social workers,

  • Police officer,

  • Governmental and non-governmental representatives,

  • Women of rural areas, mothers of girls dropping out of school.

 Besides trainings conducted within the field of prevention, PVPT has also conduct several Awareness raising campaigns, addressed to the broader community in Kosovo, by applying various forms of passing the messages depending from the target groups. All messages were related to the prevention and the fight against trafficking in human beings.

The most powerful awareness raising activity was the Interactive Exhibition named “I travel alone” conducted in 2013 year with elementary school students in Prishtina. By performing the role of a victim of trafficking, students have achieved to better understand the process of human trafficking, the identification and referral mechanism and to learn about the services available to victims of trafficking in Kosovo.

Until today, PVPT Center has succeeded in organizing a certain number of training sessions with a general number of participants of 14925, in all regions of Kosova.


Last News
  The PVPT Center had the honour of being visited by the Norwegian Ambassador of Kosovo, Mr. PerStrand Sjaardstard on October 20th, 2016. During his visit, important issues regarding Kosovo’s current situation with regards to human trafficking and also the challenges that the PVPT Center is facing to offer long-lasting and stable services to victims of trafficking, were disscused. At the end of his visit, Ambassador Sjaardstard expressed that PVPT will continue to have the strong support of the Norwegian Embassy in their aim to fight human trafficking  
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