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III. Long-term Reintegration

As of 2005, PVPT signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW), and in close cooperation with this Ministry, implemented a project on “Supporting Long-Term reintegration of Children victims of trafficking and children withdrawn from Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL)”, contributing to the rehabilitation and long term reintegration of 135 children victims of trafficking and other WFCL in three municipalities of Kosovo by pilot testing a model of economic and social support services for future replication.

As replication of first project, during 2007-2008, the project extended implementation activities on 6 municipalities supporting 245 children, victims of WFCL in streets and agriculture and 410 children in danger to get involved in WFCL in streets and agriculture, with the psycho-social reintegration program.

From January 2009 till December 2011 PVPT Center has implemented the project “Long-term reintegration of victims and potential victims of trafficking” funded by King Baudouin Foundation.  While, from January 2012 till December 2014, PVPT continued to implement the project “Long-term reintegration of VoTs and PVoTs” funded by King Baudouin Foundation and GIZ.

Through both reintegration projects, PVPT has supported in total 97 beneficiaries, victims of trafficking and potential victims of trafficking with long-term economic reintegration services. Initially beneficiaries were supported with professional trainings based on their wishes and capabilities. And, in addition, beneficiaries were provided with subventions in the form of monthly salaries, monthly rent or equipments for starting small business and generating incomes.

In order to implement long-term reintegration program for VoTs and PVoTs, during the core of projects’ implementation, PVPT has cooperated continually with local institutions like: Centers for Social Work, Regional Employment Centres and Regional Vocation Training Centres.







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The PVPT Center had the honour of being visited by the Norwegian Ambassador of Kosovo, Mr. PerStrand Sjaardstard on October 20th, 2016. During his visit, important issues regarding Kosovo’s current situation with regards to human trafficking and also the challenges that the PVPT Center is facing to offer long-lasting and stable services to victims of trafficking, were disscused. At the end of his visit, Ambassador Sjaardstard expressed that PVPT will continue to have the strong support of the Norwegian Embassy in their aim to fight human trafficking








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